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API Key File for Golos Joomla Plugin

Golos — Text to Speech Plugin for Joomla uses Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API. You need to set up your Google Cloud Platform project and authorization before creating audio from text.

Creating the Google Cloud Key File

Step 1

Visit the Google Cloud Platform project to select or create a new project. Click + Create Project button to create a new Google Cloud Project.

Step 2

Make sure that billing is enabled for your Google Cloud project. Check out Google Cloud resource prices and quotes. You can use a free quote when using Golos or pay if you use a plugin on a high-load website.

Step 3

Enable the Cloud Text-to-Speech API.

Step 4

Set up authentication:

  1. In the Cloud Console, go to the Create service account key page.
  2. From the Service account list, select New service account.
  3. In the Service account name field, enter a name.
  4. Don’t select a value from the Role list. No role is required to access this service.
  5. Click Create. A note appears, warning that this service account has no role.
  6. Click Create without role. A JSON file that contains your key downloads to your computer.