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Custom Scrollbar for WordPress – Plugin Overview

Custom Scrollbar for WordPress – Plugin Overview

Custom Scrollbar: Elevate Your Scrolling Experience

Custom Scrollbar is your go-to solution for enhancing the scrolling experience on your WordPress website. This versatile plugin empowers you to take control of scrollbars, ensuring they align seamlessly with your site’s aesthetics and functionality. With an array of customizable options, you can transform the way users navigate your content.

Choose Where to Apply Custom Scrollbars

Window Scrollbars: Apply custom scrollbars to your entire website, seamlessly replacing the native scrollbars.

Textarea Scrollbars: Tailor the scrolling experience for textarea elements, providing a consistent, user-friendly interface.

Excluded Textarea: Define specific textarea elements to skip the customization process, giving you ultimate control over scrollbars.

Custom Elements: Extend the scroll customization to custom elements on your site, ensuring a cohesive design.

Elements Selector: Specify selectors for the elements that will receive custom scrollbars, allowing you to fine-tune your design.

Customizable Style, Colors, and Gradients

Preview: Instantly visualize how your scrollbar will look as you make changes to its settings.

Style: Choose from a selection of built-in styles or create your own unique design.

Handle Color: Customize the scrollbar handle’s color or gradient to match your website’s theme.

Track Color: Personalize the scrollbar track’s color or gradient, ensuring a perfect fit with your design.

Position and Behavior Control

Resize: Define how the host element should behave when resizing, optimizing the user’s viewing experience.

Absolute Padding: Maintain a consistent spacing to the edge of the content, even as the scroll-offset changes.

Visibility: Control the basic visibility of the scrollbars to meet your design preferences.

Auto Hide: Enable automatic hiding of visible scrollbars after specific user actions, providing a cleaner look.

Auto Hide Delay: Set the delay in milliseconds before scrollbars automatically disappear, fine-tuning user interaction.

Drag Scrolling: Decide if the scrollbar handle should support drag scrolling, enhancing navigation.

Click Scrolling: Define whether the scrollbar track should support click scrolling, making content navigation easier than ever.

Elevate Your Website’s User Experience

Custom Scrollbar for WordPress grants you the power to perfect the scrolling experience on your website. With an array of customization options, your site’s design and functionality will seamlessly come together, delivering a smooth and visually appealing user experience. Elevate your website today with Custom Scrollbar – where scrolling becomes an art.

Completely Cross-Browser Support

All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc.
Does not matter which browser users view your site.
Custom Scrollbar for WordPress works perfectly in all browsers.

Mobile Friendly

Custom Scrollbar for WordPress works great with all type of devices: smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. So your content will be protected on every device.

Well Documented

This plugin comes with the full documentation, so using the plugin becomes even easier.

More Amazing Features

  • Effortless Implementation: Easy to install and use
  • Compatibility Across Templates and Frameworks
  • Seamless Mobile and Touch Device Support
  • Browser Compatibility: Works on all modern browsers
  • Lightweight and Lightning-Fast: Only 55KB when minified
  • Native JavaScript: No reliance on jQuery
  • RTL (Right-to-Left) Compatibility
  • SEO-Friendly: Does not impact site indexing in search engines
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Comprehensive User Manual for Easy Configuration
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