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Focus Transition for WordPress – Plugin Overview

Focus Transition for WordPress – Plugin Overview

The Focus Transition plugin enhances the visibility and navigation of web pages by making focus transitions more noticeable. It improves user orientation on the page, simplifies navigation on sites with complex structures, and enhances the user experience when filling out forms.

Key Features

Key Features

Transition Types

The plugin offers four different transition effects that users can choose from:

  • Flying: The focus outline flies to the next element, drawing attention to it.
  • Hug: The focus outline embraces the current element, visually highlighting it.
  • Snail: The transition occurs as a gradient-colored strip, smoothly guiding the focus to the next element.
  • Zoom: The focused element slightly enlarges and then returns to its normal state, creating a zoom effect.

Animation Speed Control

Users can customize the animation speed to match their preferences, allowing for smoother or quicker transitions.

Customizable Focus Appearance

The plugin provides options to customize the visual appearance of the focused element. Users can modify its color, size, or other visual properties to suit their website’s design.

Focusable Elements

By enabling this feature, elements that are not naturally focusable, such as headings (h1-h6), can be made focusable. This enables users to navigate through these elements using the Tab key, improving accessibility and keyboard navigation.

Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Enhanced User Experience

Focus Transition improves the overall user experience by providing clear and visually appealing focus transitions. Users can easily track their position on the page and navigate through complex website structures more efficiently.

Improved Accessibility

Improved Accessibility

The plugin enhances website accessibility, benefiting individuals with disabilities or limited abilities. The noticeable focus transitions make it easier for users with visual impairments or cognitive challenges to interact with the website.

Simplified Form Filling

Simplified Form Filling

When filling out forms, Focus Transition helps users identify the current input field more easily. The focus effects draw attention to the active field, reducing confusion and improving form completion rates.


The plugin allows users to customize the transition effects, animation speed, and focus appearance, ensuring compatibility with various website designs and branding requirements.

Expanded Areas of Application

Website Navigation: Focus Transition is useful for websites with intricate navigation menus or multi-level dropdowns. The clear focus transitions assist users in understanding the website’s structure and finding their desired content quickly.

E-commerce Sites: On e-commerce platforms, the plugin can highlight product images or key features when users navigate through product listings or detail pages. This draws attention to important information, increasing engagement and potential conversions.

Online Forms and Surveys: Focus Transition enhances the user experience during form completion, making it easier for users to identify active input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other interactive elements. This leads to a more streamlined form-filling process.

Educational Websites: Focus Transition can be utilized on educational platforms to highlight important sections, interactive elements, or progress indicators. This assists learners in navigating through courses, quizzes, or lesson materials more effectively.

Overall, the Focus Transition plugin improves the user experience, accessibility, and navigation on WordPress websites. Its customizable transition effects, animation speed, and focus appearance options provide flexibility for different design preferences. By enhancing focus visibility, the plugin benefits users with disabilities or limited abilities, making websites more inclusive and user-friendly.

Super Easy to Setup

Super Easy to Setup

Just install a small plugin on your website. Just install and go. No CSS or images files are needed for the plugin to work. No dependencies like jQuery. Only clean and fast Vanilla JavaScript.

Completely Cross-Browser Support

All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc.
Does not matter which browser users view your site.
Focus Transition for WordPress works perfectly in all browsers.

Well Documented

This plugin comes with the full documentation, so using the plugin becomes even easier.

More Amazing Features

  • Easy to use: Install & Go
  • Works with all Templates and Frameworks
  • Works on mobile and touch devices
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • Lightweight and Fast, only 5kb minified
  • Native JavaScript, without jQuery
  • RTL compatible
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Detailed Users Manual
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