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Junction — General Settings

The Junction plugin for WordPress is flexible and easily customizable, allowing you to change parameters in a few clicks.

Customization, Assignments and other Settings

General Settings

Open in New Tabs: Because outbound links deliberately send people away from your site. 

Add rel=”noopener”: prevents the new page from being able to access the window.opener property and ensures it runs in a separate process.

Add rel=”noreferrer”: Same as the previous setting and also prevents the Referer header from being sent to the new page.

Add rel=”nofollow”: tells search engines not to follow links and do not associate your site with the linked page.

Add rel=”dofollow” links pass on ranking power from your website to the targeted page.
Be careful, it is better to set this parameter manually individually for each link.

Skip Links: Allows skipping some links, for example to the domains of your partners.
Enter (part of) the URLs to match. Use a new line for each different match.

Assignments Settings: By selecting the specific assignments you can limit where the plugin should or shouldn’t be work.
To have it working on all pages, simply do not specify any assignments.