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Slick Scroll for WordPress — Plugin Overview

Slick Scroll for WordPress — Plugin Overview

The plugin will make your visitor’s experience smooth. It makes the mouse wheel scroll movement smoother when they scroll down to any page on your site.

Cool Scrolling Site, really Smooth and Easy

By installing the plugin, visitors will get an incredibly smooth experience when scrolling through the site. And this is especially if your site has many long pages, such as a Blog, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Real Estate Listing, etc.

Powerful Slick Scroll plugin will make your WordPress site cool by making
the scroll movement of the mouse wheel smooth.

Detects Mobile Automatically: plugin auto-detects mobile and tablet devices and act accordingly to present the best user experience.

When slick scrolling is turned on, you’ll notice that the scrolling is a lot smoother and it won’t stop suddenly when you stop scrolling but rather scroll a bit past your scrolling point that will make the scroll a lot smoother.

Site Scrolling without Jerky and Clunky Effects

The Slick Scroll plugin will make your WordPress site cool by making the scroll movement of the mouse wheel smooth. Making Google Chrome And WebKit Based Browsers Scroll Smoother.

Slick Scroll tested and compatible with 3rd Party Plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, NextGen Gallery, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce. It also will work perfect and improve the user experience in conjunction with popular Website Page Builders, like Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Divi, WP Bakery Page Builder and many others.

Full Keyboard Support

The Slick Scroll plugin has extended support for scrolling from the keyboard: Arrow keys, PgUp/PgDown, Spacebar, Home/End. Mouse wheel, middle mouse and keyboard support.

Great works with all Themes and Any Frameworks

Slick Scroll WordPress Plugin is completely compatible with Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, The7, Flatsome, Enfold, Porto, Bridge, Uncode, TheGem, Newspaper, Salient, Total, X Theme, Kalium, ListingPro, Impreza, Phlox Pro, XStore, Brooklyn, MyListing, Ave, WoodMart, Education, Soledad, Real Homes, Electro, Kallyas, JNews, Stockholm, Martfury, Rehub, Houzez, Motors, Traveler, Oshine, Shopkeeper, Jevelin, Consulting, MyHome, Renneby, Masterstudy, Avas, CheerUp, Pearl Business, Norebro, Residence, Bimber, and more other WordPress Themes.

The Slick Scroll plugin works perfectly with all major WordPress frameworks: Genesis, Divi, Themify, Warp 7, Ultimatum, Beans, Unyson, Gantry, & other’s.

Fully Cross-Browser Support

Our team is the making sure that the Slick Scroll plugin for WordPress work across an acceptable number of web browsers. We tested our plugin on pre-release versions of browsers.

We have worked hard to make the extension work perfectly on all the browsers available.

Cross browser compatible Slick Scroll plugin for WordPress will be stable in any version of a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer ) – in all browsers, visitors will get an incredibly smooth experience when scrolling through the site.

Don’t Let Chrome screw up Your Website

Are You developing a beautiful website? Are You adding some nice effects, animations, parallax? If you ever visited animated and parallax websites using Google Chrome or WebKit based browsers, You’ve probably noticed the scrolling has a jerky and clunky effect scroll, unlike Firefox. Slick Scroll has been specifically designed to help you overcome this nagging problem. It represents the web site at Google Chrome in the way it should be. Without stuttering.

Native JavaScript, without jQuery

No, it’s not another library, it’s just plain Javascript without additional libraries. Longevity – Frameworks and libraries change but JavaScript is forever. Performance – vanilla javascript code works much faster than popular libraries.
Fast, Lightweight, Cross-platform.

Customizable step sizes, frames per second and more

The Slick Scroll plugin for WordPress is flexible and easily customizable, allowing you to change parameters without diving into the code.

Load preset: Default, iPhone, Opera, IE, Custom

Step size (px): How much? Higher means more scrolling for each mouse event.

Animation time (ms): How quick? Higher number stretches animation.

Acceleration scale: How swift? How much scrolling can accelerate.

Acceleration delta: Time between scroll events. Lower means acceleration kicks in more frequently.

Pulse Scale: Ratio of “tail” to “acceleration”. It affects how long the deceleration part is.

Arrow key step size (px): Higher means more scrolling for each arrow key press.

Enable keyboard support: Adds Slick Scroll for Arrow keys, PgUp/PgDown, Spacebar, Home/End.

Enable pulse algorithm: Adds easing to the animations.

Enable for all browsers: By default Slick Scroll works only in WebKit based browsers. This option enable Slick Scroll in all browsers, such as Firefox.

More Amazing Features

  • Works with embedded content (PDF, flash)
  • Full touchpad support
  • Exclude any pages with shortcode
  • Lightweight and Fast, only 7kb minified
  • Smart, slick scrolling will disable itself automatically for mobile and touch devices
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Tested with WooCommerce, BuddyPress & More
  • Super-Easy Admin Interface, Setting Up in Seconds
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