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Live Customizer

Learn all about managing theme styles and how to add your own.

The Warp customizer simplifies your workflow and allows you to add new styles with no need for any CSS knowledge. It is divided into two sections. The left hand vertical bar indicates the settings for the theme and on the right you can see your selected theme. All modifications within the customizer will instantly be displayed in the preview on the right side.


Manage and organize your menus with additional settings. Menu items can be filtered by the position to which they are assigned.

To configure this part go to Extensions->Template->Waxom->Options->Menus


Modules can be displayed in different styles with additional icons and badges. Modules are grouped according to the positions in which they are published. Additionally, you can filter them by keyword and positions to which they are assigned.

To configure this part go to Extensions->Template->Waxom->Options->Modules


This section makes the arrangement of your content very easy and flexible. You can enable or disable system output, define the layout of the template module positions and select a style you created in the customizer. Additionally you have the possibility to store your modifications in a layout profile and assign it to different pages.

To configure this part go to Extensions->Template->Waxom->Options->Layouts

How to Install Acamar Joomla QuickStart?

This is a step by step tutorial on how to install Acamar Joomla QuickStart on a web server.

The recovery procedure is very similar to the Joomla installation process and if you are familiar with it, then it will be easier for you to understand the essence. In order to restore the site we need to upload our backup archive to the root directory of the site. Delete all unnecessary files, leaving only the archive. Just be careful, do not remove anything unnecessary. If you unload a site for the first time on hosting, i.e. if there was no site in this directory, then you need to delete the file "index.html", which is usually created by default by the host when creating the site folder. After all, unpack this archive.

Acamar Template Installation


To install a template based on the Warp framework use the extensions installer in the Joomla administration.
Go to Extensions » Install/Uninstall.

Click on Browse..., select the downloaded template file and click in Upload & Install.


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