How to show progress bar only on some pages

Since version 1.1.0, it has been possible to show the progress bar only on certain pages. Now you have the possibility to assign progress bar to just about anything you want, giving you full control.

Reading Time plugin comes packed with a multitude of assignment options. You can assign progress bar to, or exclude them from, virtually anything.

If all of the assignments are set to Ignore, that progres bar will show up on all pages.
As soon as you set one or more of the assignments to Include or Exclude, the progress bar will be limited to the pages/situations matching those assignments.

The different assignments have 3 states:

  • Ignore (default)
  • Include
  • Exclude

By default the assignments are ignored, meaning the progress bar is not limited by assignments.
To use an assignment, you set the option to Include or Exclude depending on the desired effect.
If you set an assignment to Exclude, the progress bar is assigned to all pages/circumstances that do not match that assignment.

Below you find all the available assignments with the available settings for it.

Matching Method Should all or any assignments be matched?

Will be published if ALL of below assignments are matched.

Will be published if ANY (one or more) of below assignments are matched.
Assignment groups where 'Ignore' is selected will be ignored.
WordPress Content
Page types Select on what page types the assignment should be active.
Pages Select on which pages the assignment should be active.
Post types Select on what post types the assignment should be active.
Post Select on which posts the assignment should be active.
Categories Select the categories to assign to.
Home Page

This will match the real home page.

Menu Items
Menu Items Select the menu items to assign to.
URL matches Enter (part of) the URLs to match.
Use a new line for each different match.