How to install Joomla extensions

Joomla is a powerful CMS that include tons of features. Find extensions for your Joomla site in our portfolio.

In this tutorial we will explain 3 different ways to install an extension. All of them have the same purpose, please choose the one that match your situation.

Upload Package File

Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Upload Package File

joomla extensions upload package file

Once you downloaded the installer compressed in a zip file, browse that file and press Upload & Install button. Wait while the file is being uploaded and installed, if everything is fine you will see a success message.

Install from Directory

joomla extensions install from directory

We recommend this one when you install extensions with size bigger than 2 MB. You could try to install it using one of the previous methods but is possible won’t work due the time that takes upload the zip file is beyond the server settings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the installer, basically a zip file.
  2. Decompress the installer and upload the files inside the folder /tmp/your-extension/. Where your-extension means a custom folder. Use an FTP or SSH client for this process.
  3. Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Install from Directory
  4. In Install Directory field, type at the end of the path the name of your new folder.
    In this example we are using /your-extension/.
  5. Click Install button and wait.

If everything is fine you will see a success message.

Install from URL

Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Install from URL

joomla extensions install from url

When you know the hosted path of the extension, as example:, paste that url in Install URL field, finally click Install button.

Joomla will upload the extension directly from the link and install in a single step process.


As you can see, you have more than one way to add new extensions to your Joomla site. Some are easier than others. This provide a great flexibility to do the same job depending of the situation.